Moon Dial Mandala

The ‘Moon Dial Mandala’ is a beautifully illustrated, rotating wall chart, offering insight and information about the natural cycles of the Moon, Earth, Sun and Humanity. It shows how we can harmonize with the natural world through understanding the inter-relationship of our cycles.

Moondial Mandala

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A woman’s four menstrual phases, relate to the four phases of the Moon, the Seasons and the four Directions. A man also has these four phases, yet they are not so obvious, so the information is shared using the archetypes of a woman.

The Moon Dial can be an interactive journey of discovery of oneself in relation to the world that we live in. Through exploring and aligning theses cycles we can create liberation, by balancing our whole being.

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Here is a sample of the Moondial information with extras for those who have their dial and wish to know more.

Essential oils, Crystals and Gem Stones

Essential oils, crystals and gem stones are displayed on the Moondial to be used in accordance to the seasons and four human phases. They can be selected according to what you require to balance. 
For example in winter one could benefit from the qualities of the summer oils or gems.
Maybe in general, the qualities of the maiden have been lacking in your life, (courage, vitality and a will to initiate and activate). If so use the oils and gems of spring to enhance this aspect.  Spring time is often a good time for purification and renewal (spring cleaning). Lime oil and Citrine (gem stone) greatly assist this process and can be used then or at any other time that feels appropriate. Please use the information listed in the table below to assist your choices. Most importantly use intuition to guide you. A smell test can be a fun way to discover which oils your body needs most. The oil that seems the most appealing is the one that your body will benefit from.

Almost all essential oils need to be diluted in a base oil such as sweet almond oil before applying, or diluted in water; for use in the bath or burner.
Consult an aromatherapist for treatment of illness and always check for advice concerning correct use. [See links] Oils can be strong, particularly for children & during pregnancy.

The exploration of your relationship to the Moon, Sun & Feminine phases will indicate which stones & oils you may find most beneficial.

Oils for Moondial mandala

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Equinox and Solstice Celebrations for 2013

The dates of the Equinox and Solstices vary each year, dates for 2013 according to the We’moon diary are as follows:

Dates for 2013: Spring Equinox- March 20th 7:02 a.m. EDT

Summer Solstice- June 21st 1:04 a.m. EDT

Autumn Equinox- September 22nd 4:44 p.m. EDT

Winter Solstice- December 21st 12:11 p-m- EST

Centre of Moon Dial Mandala

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Wise Woman’s Treasure

  1. Traces of Gold have been found in menstrual blood, which is one reason why woman are able to channel at this time.
  2. Gold is acknowledged worldwide for its connective qualities, hence it’s use for pyramid tips, temples & cathedrals.
  3. In some cultures woman paint menstrual blood on their brow/3rd eye, to enhance inner vision & show that they’re bleeding.
  4. Our menstrual blood in many cultures is treasured for its therapeutic qualities.
  5. Aborigines collect clots to use for healing severe wounds.
  6. Blood can be given as an offering to the Earth to nourish our gardens or plants.
  7. A Moon cup, Luna sponge or Cloth pads are good ways to collect this treasure.
  8. A Moon Lodge is a place or structure created by many tribal cultures for the purpose of honoring a woman’s moontime (time of bleeding). Here woman go, (often in silence) to be still & experience the magic available to them in this time.

May we as modern woman, give ourselves time, to also receive the treasure from inner vision.

Luna movements: the gift of the 13th Moon

When two Full Moons appear in one month, the second is called a “Blue Moon”, this is where the expression “Once in a blue moon” comes from .(approx every 2.7 years) This is the miscellaneous 13th moon, making an appearance, and is regarded as an auspicious time. The Dark moon also appears twice in one month, yet this is not so commonly acknowledged. We refer to the second Dark moon as a “Purple Moon”, & see it as an opportunity to journey more deeply, to discover jewels within the darkness.

The Actual Length of a Moon Cycle

The moon rotates on its own axis in just over 27 days, which is the same as its period of revolution around the Earth, therefore it always presents the same face (hemisphere) to us. Because the Earth has moved on its own orbital plane around the Sun, while the moon is revolving around it, the actual length of a moon cycle is approximately 29.6 days. It is difficult to place it in a square or even a circle, as it spirals, and beautifully represents the organic, aspect of the feminine.

The Relationship between the Moon, & a Feminine cycle

The table below demonstrates how the menstrual cycle relates to the phase of the moon. Match your menstrual cycle with the phase of the moon, to discover the affirmation describing the synthesis of the relationship:

e.g. if one is bleeding on the full moon:

 “I share my inner wisdom with the community.”
To find your stage in the cycle, refer to time of menstruation bleed and proceed to the next stage, i.e. maiden.
Ovulation can also be identified by slight expansion of the belly and hips and a clear secretion, (differing from white or yellow Yes, it happens to everyone!). 

The full moon phase, and the dark moon phase, require two days either side of the specified day of the full moon, or dark (new) moon. This leaves approximately ten days each for the waxing and waning phases.

Moon Phases

In a woman’s cycle the bleeding and ovulation phase is generally shorter than the maiden and wild woman phase.

Menstral Phases of a woman

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All Woman and all cycles are unique. You are not ‘supposed to’ bleed at any specific time or during any one lunar phase. All phases of a woman present different qualities, as they coincide with each phase of the moon. A deep winter bleed will be different than a summer bleed. The length of each woman’s cycle and phases will also be different. (Not necessarily 28/30 days!) I believe that your body gives you what you need in order to balance and journey towards wholeness.
One example; for a period in my life, I seemed to have a repetitive, elongated time in the wild woman phase. After much exploration, I identified this, as a message to embrace and integrate the teachings of this aspect of myself.

I hope that this information will assist you to deepen your Relationship to the Moon, Earth and Sun, and will support balance and wholeness. I look forward to hearing of your moontime journeys and experiences by email
From one seed to another May we all continue to grow!

With Love, Zoë Shekinah